Selected Open Source Projects

Pattern Recognition

OCRopus OCR An open source OCR system with competitive recognition performance. Written in Python and C/C++. Currently handles Latin script and Fraktur.

Image Understanding Library (iulib) A C++ library for image processing from the late 80's and early 90's.

Decapod A system for 3D book capture using stereo vision, dewarping, and conversion to PDF.

Bindings / Wrappers

PyOpenFST A Python wrapper around the OpenFST library.

PyTess A Python wrapper around the Tesseract OCR system.

Selected Lectures

Lectures and lecture notes generally come with many iPython Notebooks allowing people to experiment with the concepts discussed in class.

Learning and Perception (introductory undergraduate course in pattern recognition and image processing)

Neural Computation and Self Organization (introductory graduate course in neural computing, machine learning, and related topics)

Natural Language Processing and Applications (graduate course mostly on statistical NLP and some information retrieval)

Foundations and Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence (graduate course on the theory, philosophy, biology of intelligence)

Privacy, Identity and Computational Forensics (graduate course on using computational methods in forensics)

Multimedia Information Retrieval (graduate course on object recognition, multimedia databases, computer vision)

Document and Content Analysis (graduate course on OCR, document analysis, handwriting recognition)

Other Information

CV (not entirely up to date)